Detector Dog Program

Detector dog teams play an integral role in securing Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) facilities and ensuring public safety.

Eliminating drugs in institutions

CSC uses a variety of tools and measures - including detector dogs - to keep drugs out of our institutions. Illicit drugs threaten institutional safety and security. They can also undermine an offender's efforts at rehabilitation and safe reintegration.

Detector dogs and their handlers provide an important line of defence. They have proven to be effective in stopping the flow of illicit drugs into our institutions. Detector dog teams also play an important role in educating inmates, visitors and staff.

Detector dog teams

CSC runs a coordinated and standardized national program that ensures all of our institutions across Canada have access to the detector dog service.

Detector dog teams are placed:

  • at principal entrances during inmate visits
  • in the admissions and discharge areas of institutions.

They provide:

  • enhanced searching capabilities
  • security surveillance by regularly searching cells, yards and common areas.

All CSC dog and handler teams are trained and certified through the Canada Border Services Agency. We are committed to maintaining and improving detector dog team's skills and all teams are re-certified regularly.

Updated January 2019

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