Details on transfer payment programs

Grant to the University of Saskatchewan for Forensic Research Centre
Start date 1999
End date Ongoing
Type of transfer payment Named Grant
Type of appropriation Estimates
Fiscal year for terms and conditions No Terms and Conditions – Named Grant
Link to departmental result(s) 1.0 Care and Custody
Link to the department’s Program Inventory P5 Mental Health Services
Purpose and objectives of transfer payment program The purpose of this grant is to encourage graduate psychology students to choose the specialty of Forensic Psychiatry.
Results achieved

More forensic, mental health, and corrections based research that addresses practical questions of direct importance to correctional agencies;
Greater opportunity for collaborative, multi disciplinary research that is relevant to, but at arms length of specific correctional agencies such as CSC;
A readily available, highly trained, and specialized resource with which CSC may consult, seek advice or request research, and evaluations relevant to its operations;
An enhanced relationship between CSC researchers and clinicians to enhance research, program development, and clinical services for offenders;
Encouraging the University and its colleges to provide opportunities for students to become specialized forensic clinicians.

Findings of audits completed in

Findings of evaluations completed in 2020-21 Not applicable because the Policy on Results (2016) indicates that evaluations are not required for ongoing grants and contributions that have five-year average actual expenditures of $5 million or less.
Engagement of applicants and recipients in 2020-21 N/A
Type of transfer payment 2018–19 Actual
2019–20 Actual
2020–21 Planned
2020–21 Total
authorities available for use
2020–21 Actual
spending (authorities used)
Variance (2020–21 actual minus
2020–21 planned)
Total grants $120,000 $120,000 $120,000 $120,000 $120,000 0
Total contributions          
Total other types of transfer payments          
Total program          
Explanation of variances N/A
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