Message from the Commissioner

Don Head Commissioner
Don Head Commissioner

Recognizing that the implementation of Sustainable Development practices in our organizational culture implies a long term endeavor, the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is proud to present its sixth Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) since 1997.  As you know, Sustainable Development is about continually considering the social, economic and environmental implications of our choices, decisions and actions. Consequently, environmental sustainability remains on the forefront of the federal governance model as it is an important expectation shared by all Canadians.

Although not legally bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act (FSDA) and the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS), CSC has been actively contributing to the Canadian sustainability agenda.  Our organization accomplished noticeable progress during the 2012-2015 SDS cycle and is well positioned to build on its achievements.  CSC has demonstrated significant leadership and will continue to be a “green pioneer” to further the improvements on its environmental performance.

Our 2015-2018 SDS bridges new realistic commitments with those made in our previous SDS, namely in the area of energy conservation (greenhouse gases reduction). For this SDS cycle, our ecological pledges are shared among many Offices of Primary Interest.  Accordingly, I strongly believe that the ownership of our Sustainable Development investments should reside primarily at the institutional level, while the accumulated gains will continue to radiate throughout our organization.

In these times of change, let our new SDS embrace the true benefits of strong partnerships and shared accountabilities. It is imperative that we all contribute to the advancement and evolution of our corporate Sustainable Development initiatives. Working together, we will diminish CSC's environmental footprint and inspire future generations to pursue the same path.

Don Head