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Using Risk Assessments to Reduce Recidivism

Volume 1, Number 2, 1989

What Does Type of Offence Tell Us About Recidivism?       HTML PDF
Increasing the Accuracy of Our Predictions of Recidivism: Offender Needs in the Community   HTML PDF
Female Offenders on Conditional Release: Who Gets Full Parole and Who Comes Back?   HTML PDF
Changes in the Profile of Minority Inmates   HTML
Tracking Security Incidents in Institutions   HTML
What Makes an Effective Correctional Officer? Views from Inmates and Staff   HTML
Do Correctional Officers Support Rehabilitation?   HTML
Menstruation and Crime: Is There a Link?   HTML
Gender Differences in Prison Adjustment   HTML PDF
Recidivism Is Predictable and Can Be Influenced: Using Risk Assessments to Reduce Recidivism by Don A. Andrews   HTML PDF
The Statistical Information about Recidivism Scale: Some Reflections on Its Application by Joan Nuffield   HTML PDF
Can Criminal Psychopaths Be Identified? by Ralph Serin   HTML
The Challenge of Change by Jack Manion   HTML
Management: Perspectives on the Future by Lucie McClung   HTML
Recent Decisions   HTML PDF
Ipso Facto   HTML
Legal Implications of the "Riot Act" Proclamation by Theodore Tax   HTML
Australian Institute of Criminology and The Criminology Research Council   HTML