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FORUM Early Indicators of Future Delinquency

1991 - Volume 3, Number 3
Canonical Correlations" and Other Mystifying Research Terms       HTML PDF
The Cycle of Violence: Is There Evidence?   HTML PDF
Early Indicators: How Early, and What Indicators?   HTML PDF
An Integrated Model for the Prevention of Emotional and Behavioural Problems   HTML
Substance Use by Adolescents and Subsequent Adult Criminal Activity   HTML
Is There a Link Between Health and Later Criminality?   HTML
Peer Delinquency, Attachment to Friends and Deviant Behaviour   HTML
Testing Some Aspects of Control Theory with Female Delinquents and Non-Delinquents   HTML
A Profile of the Young Offender by Dianne Hendrick and Marc Lachance   HTML PDF
Risk Factors and the Development of Disruptive and Antisocial Behaviour in Children by Rolf Loeber   HTML PDF
Violent Boys: Development and Prevention by R.E. Tremblay, R.M. Zhou, C. Gagnon, F. Vitaro and H. Boileau   HTML PDF
The Class/Crime Debate by Ross Hastings and Don Andrews   HTML
Update on Public Service Alliance of Canada v. Attorney General of Canada and Econosult   HTML
The U.S. Bureau of Prisons Office of Research and Evaluation - Attempting to Link Research and Practice by Judy Gordon   HTML
How Can We Improve Our Magazine?   HTML