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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Response to Call for Papers

January 1999, Volume 11, Number 1

  Research on treatment issues      
Contrecoups: A program of therapy for spousal and family violence by Normand Aubertin and Paul-Robert Laporte   HTML PDF
Evidence of the effectiveness of current treatments for sex offenders by Roberto Di Fazio   HTML PDF
A descriptive profile of incarcerated sex offenders by Jean Proulx, Luc Granger, Marc Ouimet, Jean-Pierre Guay,
André McKibben, Michel St-Yves, Jacques Bigras, Christine Perreault, Tony Brien and Bruno Pellerin
The impact of empathy training on offender treatment by Rachel Mulloy, W. Carson Smiley and Diana L. Mawson   HTML
  Research on assessment issues      
Family violence risk assessment: Evaluating its importance by Eunice Kim and Vince Roper   HTML
Using psychological testing to predict institutional misconduct by Brad Kelln, David Dozois and Ian McKenzie   HTML
  Research on staff issues      
Remarkable rarity of violence toward staff in prisons by Marc Ouimet   HTML
The impact of violent acts on prison staff by Bonnie T. Seidman and Sharon M. Williams   HTML
Victimization of case workers in corrections: Its extent and impact on clinical practice by Richard Lusignan