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FORUM Academic Contributions

January 2002, Volume 14, Number 1

Understanding employment: A prospective exploration of factors linked to community-based employment among federal offenders by Christa A. Gillis   HTML PDF
Phallometric testing with sexual offenders against female victims: Limits to its value by Yolanda Fernandez   HTML PDF
Victimization, fear, and coping in prison by Donna E. Chubaty   HTML
Consumption of psychoactive substances in Quebec prisons by Chantal Plourde   HTML
Antecedents and outcomes of correctional officers attitudes towards federal inmates: An exploration of person-organization fit by Michel Larivière   HTML
The dynamic prediction of criminal recidivism: A three-wave prospective study by Shelley L. Brown   HTML
The utility of interpersonal circumplex theory in research and treatment of sexual offenders by Dana Anderson   HTML
Classifying female offenders for effective intervention: Application of the case-based principles of risk and need by Kelley Blanchette   HTML PDF
Impact of incarceration on the mothering role by Julie J. Fournier   HTML PDF
An examination of release decisions for sexual offenders: Do biases exist? by Sara L. Johnson   HTML
The impact of traumatic events and post-traumatic stress disorder among correctional nurses by Solange Lavack-Pambrun   HTML PDF
Predictors of work stress among correctional officers by William Millson   HTML PDF
Evaluation of the Living Without Family Violence program by Nicole Allegri   HTML PDF
Research in brief      
Sexual victimization and sexual delinquency: Vampire or Pinocchio syndrome? by Michel St-Yves and Bruno Pellerin   HTML PDF