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Healing The Relationship Between Federally Sentenced Women And Communities

FSW N°-28

A Discussion Paper prepared by:
The Church Council on Justice and Corrections
for Correctional Service Canada

Do not separate yourself from your community."
The Talmud.

October I995

Table of Contents


Focus of the Discussion Paper


A) Healing Between Federally Sentenced Women And Communities
B) The Current Crisis In Understanding Of Criminal Justice Issues
C) Presentation Of The Working Model Developed For Discussion
D) Issues

Recommendations For Further Discussion And Planning

Appendix l

Appendix ll

Appendix lll

"A mandorla is that almond-shaped segment that is made when two circles overlap....The mandorla begins the healing of the split. The overlap generally is very tiny at first, only a sliver of a new moon; but it is a beginning. As time passes, the greater the overlap, the greater and more complete is the healing. The mandorla binds together that which was torn apart and made unwhole...

...there are links between the things we have always thought of as opposites... a mandorla is a prototype of conflict resolution, it is the art of healing, if you will...

...take this and take that - and make a mandorla of them."

Robert A. Johnson (1991),

Owning Your Own Shadow

Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche