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The Cross Gender Monitoring Project
3rd and Final Annual Report

e) Follow Up And Monitoring

In addition to recommendations concerning the C.I. and an independent investigative body as discussed above, a number of respondents raised the issue of ongoing monitoring in light of the fact that this is our last report. A synopsis of the comments, suggestions and recommendations can be found in the Stakeholders section. The Co-Monitors have carefully considered these submissions and developed the following recommendations in addition to the recommendation concerning the C.I..

Recommendation 10:

That, in addition to the strengthening of the Correctional Investigator's (C.I.) capacity to monitor allegations of sexual misconduct recommended above, the long-standing recommendation from Creating Choices to create an independent National Advisory Committee should be implemented.

This committee should be created through an amendment to the CCRA at the earliest opportunity, but need not wait for such legal status to be commissioned. One of the mandates of this committee would be to monitor sexual misconduct and cross gender staffing issues on an ongoing basis. This committee would bring a cross section of knowledgeable organizations and individuals, such as the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies, and the National Native Women's Association, together to provide advice and recommendations for change on an ongoing basis. Sufficient funds should be set aside annually to allow this committee to carry out its mandate.

Recommendation 11:

While CSC is establishing such a committee, undertaking the necessary steps to implement a female only front line worker policy, and undertaking legislative amendments, an independent monitor should be empowered to carry on the work of this Monitoring Project for one year.