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Women Offender Programs and Issues

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Pet Facilitated Therapy in Correctional Institutions

C. Literature

This literature review relies primarily on American sources as most of the prison programs were initially developed in the United States. The leading experts in the field are also based in the United States. While academic attention has increased significantly in the realm of human-animal interaction in the last ten to fifteen years, there are still problems. Significant financial support continues to prove elusive. (Rowan and Beck, n.d.). As a consequence, there are abundant anecdotal and qualitative assessments but few completed controlled, empirically based studies. As Rowan and Beck write:

Today, serious epidemiological studies cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but most grants to study human-animal interactions are for $10 000 or less. A few large grants would, however, change the negative or neutral attitudes of many academics since there is nothing quite like the lure of significant research funding to concentrate the mind and convert even the most cynical of sceptics.