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Pet Facilitated Therapy in Correctional Institutions


E. Trial and Adjustment Period – Piloting a Program

When a PFT program begins in an institution, it should first go through a trial period lasting from two weeks to two months. This allows for time to correct and improve areas not considered during the planning process without incurring high costs and staffing resources. Every aspect of the program should be closely monitored. Daily or weekly reports should be completed to document the events of the program. This documentation would provide a basis for a later evaluation (evaluations, will be discussed in more detail in the next section). Staff and inmates should be encouraged to voice any thoughts or comments they have about the program. The committee in charge of this planning process should meet regularly during this period to discuss any improvements that need to be made. Lastly, a final assessment report should be prepared following the pilot period that includes among other things, a list of what worked well, any problems, and recommendations.