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Women Offender Programs and Issues

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Pet Facilitated Therapy in Correctional Institutions

Appendix II:
Lexington Interview Questions

  1. How long have you been involved in the Friends For Folks program?
  2. Why did you decide to participate in this program?
  3. How has being involved in this program affected/changed your life? (i.e. future outlook, school, other programs)
  4. How has this program affected your relationship with other inmates?
  5. How has this program affected your relationship with the staff?
  6. Were animals a part of your life before entering the program? Did you like animals before entering the program?
  7. Have you learned any skills that would be useful for working in other jobs in the institution?
  8. Do you think caring and training another type of animal, such as a horse or cow, would provide you with the same skills or enjoyment as a dog does now?
  9. When you think about who you were before the program, do you see any differences? If so, how have you changed?