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Women Offender Programs and Issues

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Appendix II



Subject #_____ Interviewer:___________________

Interviewee: ___________________ FPS#:______________________

Interview Location: _____________________________________________

Date: _____________________________

DEFINITION: Semi-Structured Interview - A data collection method in which an interviewer asks questions to elicit self-reports of opinions, attitudes, values, beliefs or behaviours. The response format is open-ended, that is, there is no fixed response to the question. This differs from a more structured interview. In a semi-structured interview you can provide a list of options from which the respondent can choose to guide the interview process. In a structured interview the categories or topics in which information is gathered are already determined.

Interviewer Instructions: The interviewer should communicate before the interview begins who they are and the reason the interview is taking place. Purpose: To gather information from maximum security women that will assist CSC in helping maximum-security women reduce their security levels. The interviewer should read the consent form to the federally sentenced women and indicate that their signed consent is required before the interview can begin.

Before beginning, do a "check-in" that will establish some rapport with the women. For example, the interviewer may want to ask how the woman is doing today and/or how her day is going. After the "check-in", indicate the start of the interview with some background questions followed by other types of questions. The interviewer should ask for permission to begin and if the woman is ready.

Section A: Background
Name, Age, Race, Education, Marital Status, Number of Children
Index Offense, Sentence Length, Criminal History, Career Goals

Section B: Interviewer indicates the completion of the first section of the interview, and is now going to ask questions related to her security level. The interviewer may want to ask if the offender has any questions.

In this section, ask the woman how they feel about the factors included in the custodial rating scale used to determine a criminal risk rating. Refer to the Intake Assessment manual for definitions of these factors. Explain what is meant by a risk and need factor if they do not know.