Research partnerships

Research partners

Research excellence is built and maintained through:

  • continuous engagement,
  • knowledge exchange and collaboration with internal stakeholders,
  • academic partners and leading international experts in the field of correctional research.

Correctional Service Canada's (CSC) Research Branch continues to build and maintain:

  • active research collaborations and engagement with other government departments,
  • non-government and international correctional organizations, and
  • national and international academic communities.

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Do you have an interest in how the federal correctional system works? Do you have a strong commitment to forward-thinking, evidence-based research? Researchers at CSC come from a wide range of academic backgrounds in areas such as:

  • psychology
  • sociology, and
  • criminology

CSC Research Branch is also looking for staff from other disciplines including:

  • mathematics
  • statistics
  • economics, and
  • epidemiology

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