Research Spotlight

Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) research is always evolving. We explore a range of issues related to the federal correctional system, based on current priorities and issues that matter to Canadians.

Radicalized offenders

CSC defines radicalized offenders as "ideologically motivated offenders, who commit, aspire or conspire to commit, or promote violent acts to achieve ideological objectives".

While this issue has become more common since 9/11, radicalization is not a new phenomenon for CSC. The Research Branch has been conducting research in this area for several years and has made important contributions to the field. Research in the area of radicalized offenders has:

  • Strengthened understanding of the needs and motivations of violent extremist offenders;
  • Identified best practices in assessment, correctional interventions and management practices for these offenders; and,
  • Promoted sharing research results with national and international partners to support evidence-based offender management practices on a global level.

While there has been progress on this issue, the field of research on radicalization and violent extremism around the world is still relatively new. Moving forward, CSC research will continue to build on what is known about radicalized offenders while informing innovative policies and management strategies for this population.

Want more information on radicalized offenders and how they are managed within CSC? Take a look at our latest research:

To find out more about terrorism and violent extremism in Canada, please see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide.