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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Academic Contributions

September 2007, Volume 19, Number 1
Adhering to principles of effective correctional treatment: Academic musings of a former clinician and administrator - J. Stephen Wormith   HTML PDF

Programming research

The relationship between program participation, institutional misconduct and recidivism among federally sentenced adult male offenders - Paula Smith and Paul Gendreau   HTML PDF
  Sex offender research      
Detention with sexual offenders: Can we do better? - Andrew M. Haag   HTML
Predicting sex offender program attrition: The role of denial, motivation and treatment readiness - Mark Latendresse   HTML
Indirectly measuring what child sexual abusers think about themselves and children - Kevin L. Nunes   HTML
  Community focused research      
Seeing eye to eye: Parole officer and parolee views of crime desistance - Karen Parhar and Stephen C.P. Wong   HTML
Understanding failure to comply convictions with young offenders: A snapshot of one Canadian courthouse - Jessica E. Pulis   HTML PDF
  Gender research
Considering a counter-reformation in the psychology of criminal conduct for women: Converging evidence, confidence intervals and consultation - M.A. Law   HTML
Gender in parole decisions - Renée Gobeil   HTML PDF
Traditional and new perspectives for understanding and researching gender and aggression - Kelly Taylor   HTML PDF