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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Research on Sex Offenders: What Do We Know?

1989 - Volume 1, Number 1
Survey of Correctional Administrators. . . Diversity of Qualifications and Background       HTML PDF
What is Most Stressful for Correctional Managers?   HTML PDF
Why do Correctional Officers Resign?   HTML PDF
How are Forensic Patients Managed by the Mental Health and Justice Systems?   HTML PDF
Research on Mentally-disordered Prisoners   HTML PDF
Use of Health Services by Offenders   HTML PDF
AIDS in Corrections   HTML PDF
Snitching in Swedish Prisons   HTML PDF
Research on Sex Offenders: What do we Know? by David Robinson   HTML PDF
All Work and No Play Isn't Even Good for Work: Finding the Fun at Work by David I. Abramis   HTML PDF
Recent Legal Opinions   HTML PDF
Ipso Facto   HTML PDF
Recent Decisions   HTML PDF
The Role of the Home Office Research and Planning Unit   HTML PDF