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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Challenges Facing Community Corrections

1990 - Volume 2, Number 2
Evaluation of Detention Provisions of Bill C-67       HTML PDF
Changing Attitudes of American Community Supervision Officers   HTML PDF
A Profile of Community Case Management Officers in Canada   HTML PDF
The Adult Criminal Careers of Training School Boys   HTML
Employment Trends in Corrections   HTML
A Profile of Federal Community Corrections by Research Branch, Correctional Service of Canada   HTML
Challenges Facing Community Corrections in the Nineties by Donald G. Evans   HTML
Community Corrections and the NIMBY Syndrome by Shereen Benzvy-Miller   HTML
Internal Audit: Serving Management Through the Mission by Irving Kulik and Stephen Wilson   HTML PDF
The Duty to Act Fairly in Penitentiaries by Benoît Pelletier   HTML PDF
Parole in Japan   HTML PDF
Parole in England and Wales   HTML