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FORUM Feature Issue, Institutional Design and Correctional Environments

1991 - Volume 3, Number 2
An Historical Overview of the Construction of Canadian Federal Prisons       HTML PDF
A Snapshot of the Correctional Service of Canada's Institutions   HTML PDF
Direct versus Indirect Supervision in Correctional Institutions   HTML PDF
The Impact of Correctional Environments on Older Inmates   HTML
Royal Institute of British Architects Makes Recommendations for Research on Prison Design   HTML
A Psychological Perspective on the New Design Concepts for William Head Institution (British Columbia) by Joseph C. Johnston   HTML
Personal Space and Privacy: Implications for Correctional Institutions by Susan Lee Painter   HTML
Architecture, Operations and Change by George Centen and Elizabeth Sampson   HTML
The Design Continuum: An Operational Manager's Perspective by Arden Thurber and Marcel Chiasson   HTML PDF
Reasonable Accommodation and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by Lisa Hitch   HTML PDF
Democracy in Spain: New Prison Construction Philosophy   HTML PDF
South Australia's Cottages: A New Institutional Design Concept   HTML
Sweden's Local Institutions   HTML
New Prisons Built as a Partial Response to an Increase in Crime in the Netherlands   HTML