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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Sex Offender Programming

1991 - Volume 3, Number 4
Everything You Wanted to Know about Canadian Federal Sex Offenders and More... by the Research and Statistics Branch, Correctional Service of Canada       HTML PDF
Managing and Treating Sex Offenders: Matching Risk and Needs with Programming by Arthur Gordon, Roger Holden and Timothy Leis   HTML PDF

The Value of Community Treatment Programs for Released Sex Offenders by William L. Marshall and A. Eccles

Community-based Treatment for Sex Offender Programs: Recent Initiatives in the Ontario Region by Lynn Stewart   HTML
Relapse Prevention with Sexual Aggressors by William D. Pithers   HTML
A Summary of an Evaluation of the Community Sex Offender Program in the Pacific Region by Marylee Stephenson   HTML
Denial and Mininuzation among Sex Offenders: Assessment and Treatment Outcome by Howard E. Barbaree   HTML
A Description of the Westmorland Sex Offender Program with a Focus on Treatment Concerns and Research by Kevin Graham   HTML
The Nova Scotia Sexual Behaviour Clinic: Evaluation, 1 September 1990-31 March 1991 by Robert J. Konopasky, Steve S. Cann and Daniel T. Curry   HTML PDF