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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Focus on Staff

1992 - Volume 4, Number 1
The Challenge of Balancing Work and Family       HTML PDF
Employment Equity: A Focus on the Correctional Service of Canada   HTML PDF
Shift Work and Its Impact on Human Performance   HTML PDF
Stress and Burnout   HTML
Not Stressed Enough?   HTML
What Do Correctional Officers Think of Sex Offenders? by John R. Weekes, Guy Pelletier and Daniel Beaudette   HTML
Training Staff to Deal More Effectively with Sex Offenders by Claude Tellier   HTML
Commitment, Attitudes, Career Aspirations and Work Stress: The Experience of Correctional Staff by David Robinson   HTML
Some Responses to the Staff Commitment Study   HTML PDF
Gender Balance by Lucie McClung   HTML
Studying Senior Managers' Career Paths by Mike Hale, Bob Fisher, Charles Stuart and Dawne Carleton   HTML
Exposure to Critical Incidents: What Are the Effects on Canadian Correctional Officers? by Lois Rosine   HTML
Workshop for Women in the Correctional Service of Canada by Holly Flowers   HTML
The Impact of Tenure and Status on Staff Perceptions of the Work Environment in U.S. Federal Prisons by William G. Saylor and Kevin N. Wright   HTML PDF