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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Long-Term Offenders

1992 - Volume 4, Number 2
Long-Term Offenders: Who Are They and Where Are They? by John R. Weekes       HTML PDF
Recidivism among Homicide Offenders   HTML PDF
Problems Associated with Long-Term Incarceration   HTML PDF
How Does Long-Term Imprisonment Affect People?   HTML
Judicial Review: How Does It Work and How Does It Affect Federal Corrections? by Glen Brown   HTML
Alcohol and Drug Use, Homicide and Mental Illness: A Preliminary Retrospective Study   HTML
Long-Term Incarceration: Issues of Science, Policy and Correctional Practice by Timothy J. Elanagan   HTML
Remarks on the Report of the Task Force on Long-Term Sentences by Jean-Claude Perron and André Corriveau   HTML
Selected Quotes from Our Staff on the Management of Long-Term Offenders   HTML PDF
Do the Best We Can by John Braithwaite   HTML
Dynamic Management: Two-Way Dialogue by David J. Dobson   HTML
The Life Line Project by Skip Graham   HTML
The Life Line In-Reach Program by Tom French   HTML
The Challenge of Managing Long-Term Inmates in Minimum-Security Institutions by Normand Aubertin   HTML PDF
"Choices" at Atlantic Institution   HTML
The Management and Review of Life-Sentence Prisoners in England and Wales by Vicki V. R. Harris   HTML
Selected Legal Aspects of Effective Correctional Programming: Access to Programming and Mandatory Programming
by Claire McKinnon and Lisa M. Hitch