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FORUM Prison Violence and Inmate Suicide and Self-Injury

1992 - Volume 4, Number 3
Violence and Suicide in Canadian Institutions: Some Recent Statistics       HTML PDF
Inmate Suicide: What Do We Know?   HTML PDF
National Strategy for the Prevention of Suicide and the Reduction of Self-Injury   HTML PDF
Investigating Suicide by Marcy Fogal   HTML
Institutional Violence: How Do Inmates Respond?   HTML
Special Handling Units by Rosemary L. O'Brien   HTML
Self-Directed Violence: Differentiating Between Suicidal, Malingering and Self-Mutilating Behaviours
by John R. Weekes and Susan J. Morison
A Study of 133 Suicides Among Canadian Federal Prisoners by Christopher Green, Glenn Andre,
Kathleen Kendall, Terah Looman and Natalie Polvi

Evaluating Suicide Prevention Activities by Marc Daigle

Prison Violence: A Scottish Perspective by David J. Cooke   HTML
Prison Victimization and the Informal Rules of Social Control by Dennis Cooley   HTML
The Question of Liability in Inmate Suicides by Michel Laprade   HTML