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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Special Issue

Volume 5, Number 1, January 1993
Anger Management in the Prison: An Evaluation by D. Hunter       HTML PDF
Anger Management Program Outcomes by Gareth V. Hughes   HTML PDF
The Abusive Relationships Inventory: Preliminary Findings by D. Boer, S. Wong, R. Templeman and M. Christopher   HTML PDF
Offender Typologies: Identifying Treatment-Relevant Personality Characteristics by John R. Weekes and Susan J. Morison   HTML
Pathways to Desistence: How Does Criminal Activity Stop? by R. Paul Hubert and John D. Hundleby   HTML
The Life Expectancy of Correctional Service of Canada Employees by Daniel J.K. Beavon and Paul S. Maxim   HTML
How Forensic Mental Health Staff Cope: Results of a Preliminary Study by David Nussbaum, Mark Lang and Richard Repaci   HTML
The Prison Survey: A Customer View of Scottish Prisons by Ed Wozniak and David McAllister   HTML
The Issue of Suicide in Canadian Federal Penitentiaries by G. Neil Conacher   HTML PDF
The Readability of Inmate Handbooks by Jessie Deslauriers   HTML
Profile of the Community Residential Facility Resident by Trudy Harris   HTML
AIDS Knowledge Among Prisoners by Andréa Riesch Toepell   HTML