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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Recidivism

Volume 5, Number 3, 1993
Buyer Beware: A Consumer's Guide to Reading and Understanding Correctional Research by Travis Gee       HTML PDF
The Life Span of Criminal Behaviour: What Do We Know?   HTML PDF
Aboriginal Recidivists   HTML PDF
Examining the Unexamined: Recidivism Among Female Offenders by Ray Belcourt, Tanya Nouwens and Linda Lefebvre   HTML
Recidivists Tend to Be...   HTML
Conditional Release and Offenders with Mental Disorders   HTML
Recidivism Among Walkways While at Large by Robert Sturrock   HTML
So You Want to Know the Recidivism Rate by Tanya Nouwens, Larry Motiuk and Roger Boe   HTML
Expanding the Recidivism Inquiry: A Look at Dynamic Factors by Edward Zamble   HTML PDF
Does "Punishing Smarter" Work? An Assessment of the New Generation of Alternative Sanctions in Probation by Paul Gendreau, Mario Paparozzi, Tracy Little and Murray Goddard   HTML
Recidivism: How Inmates See It by Caludio Besozzi   HTML
Recent Court Decisions   HTML