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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Offender Classification

January 1997, Volume 9, Number 1

Yes, SIR! A stable risk prediction tool by Robert B. Cormier       HTML PDF
The Community Risk/Needs Management Scale: An effective supervision tool by Larry Motiuk   HTML PDF
Tried and true: Proof that the Custody Rating Scale is still reliable and valid by Fred Luciani   HTML PDF
Classification for correctional programming: The Offender Intake Assessment (OIA) process by Larry Motiuk   HTML
Risk classification for young offenders by Sandy Jung, Edward P. Rawana and Byron Lod   HTML
Research to practice: Applying risk/needs assessment to offender classification by J.S. Wormith   HTML
Implementing risk and needs classification in the Correctional Service of Canada by Gilbert Taylor   HTML
Classifying female offenders for correctional interventions by Kelley Blanchette   HTML
Do we need theory for offender risk assessment? by James Bonta   HTML PDF
Correctional classification and the "responsivity principle" by Patricia Van Voorhis   HTML
Psychological intake assessment: Contributing to contemporary offender classification by Ralph Serin   HTML
Legal aspects of inmates' security classification by Ginette Collin   HTML