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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Corrections and Parole

May 1998, Volume 10, Number 2

Have falling crime rates and increased use of probation reduced prison incarceration? -- Some trends and comparisons by Roger Boe and Mike Muirhead       HTML PDF
Highlights in the history of day parole by Louis Brunet   HTML PDF
Profiling federal offenders on conditional release by Larry Motiuk   HTML PDF
Reoffending rates for parolees and non-parolees: A five-year comparison by Diana Sepejak   HTML
Federal trends and outcomes in conditional release by Bill Larocque   HTML
Day parole: Effects of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act by Brian A. Grant   HTML
Success rates of female offenders on discretionary versus statutory release: Substance abusers and non-abusers by Craig Dowden and Kelley Blanchette   HTML
Preparing reports for parole decisions: Making the best use of our information -- and time by Gilbert Taylor   HTML
Work Release Program: How it is used and for what purposes by Brian A. Grant and Chris Beal   HTML PDF
Forging a link between institutional and community-based treatment services by Robin J. Wilson and Anthony Eccles   HTML
Conditional release: A federal parole officer's perspective by Philip Schiller   HTML
A Strategy for Community Corrections by William Staubi   HTML PDF
Community reactions to the new Prison for Women in Kitchener by Laura Druar, Peter J. Carrington and John Goyder   HTML