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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Dynamic Factors

September 1998, Volume 10, Number 3

Offender needs - Providing the focus for our correctional interventions by Gilbert Taylor       HTML PDF
The Case Needs Review Project: Background and research strategy by Shelley L. Brown   HTML PDF
Using dynamic factors to better predict post-release outcome by Larry Motiuk   HTML PDF
Employment by Paul Gendreau, Claire Goggin and Glenn Gray   HTML
Marital and family by Elizabeth Oddone Paolucci, Claudio Violato and Mary Ann Schofield   HTML
Associates and social interaction by Claire Goggin, Paul Gendreau and Glenn Gray   HTML
Substance abuse by Craig Dowden and Shelley L. Brown   HTML
Substance abuse assessment review by Fred Boland, Kathy Henderson and Jan Baker   HTML
Community functioning by Melanie Gates, Craig Dowden and Shelley L. Brown   HTML PDF
Personal and emotional orientation by David Robinson, Frank J. Porporino and Christopher A. Beal   HTML
Attitude by Moira A. Law   HTML
Dynamic factors and recidivism: What have we learned from the Case Needs Review Project? by Shelley L. Brown   HTML PDF