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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Youth and Corrections

May 1999, Volume 11, Number 2

Research in brief: Youth crime trends in British Columbia by Naomi Lee   HTML PDF
A profile of the adolescent sex offender by Marlo Gal and Robert D. Hoge   HTML PDF
Young adult offenders in federal corrections: A profile by Larry Motiuk and Jeff Latimer   HTML
Younger offenders in the federal correctional systemby Brian A. Grant and Marlo Gal Assessment and programming   HTML
What works in young offender treatment: A meta-analysis by Craig Dowden and D. A. Andrews   HTML
A community-based alternative for high-risk young offenders by Alan W. Leschied and Alison Cunningham   HTML
Early intervention for sexual behaviour problems among young offenders by Randall Fletcher   HTML
Ontario's strict discipline facility is not just another "boot camp" by Stephen Wormith, Jeffrey Wright, Isabelle Sauve and Paul Fleury Perspectives   HTML
Recent trends in youth crimeby Roberta Lynn Sinclair and Colleen Anne Dell   HTML PDF
Consequences of research on maladjusted adolescents by Marc Le Blanc   HTML
Young offender legislation in Canada: A commentary by Colleen Anne Dell   HTML PDF