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FORUM Reintegration Levers

January 2001, Volume 13, Number1

The safe return of offenders through selection, intervention and supervision by Larry Motiuk   HTML PDF
Reporting on results: The Correctional Service of Canada experience by Gerry Hooper
Initiating safe reintegration: A decade of Custodial Rating Scale results by Fred Luciani   HTML
Using reintegration potential at intake to better identify safe release candidates by Larry Motiuk and Mark Nafekh   HTML
The importance of developing correctional plans for offenders by Gilbert Taylor   HTML
Improving offender motivation for programming by Lynn Stewart and Janice Cripps Picheca   HTML
Increasing offender participation in programs by John Weekes, Joel Ginsburg and Phil Chitty   HTML
Improving program performance among offenders by Ralph Serin   HTML PDF
Affecting detention referrals through proper selection by Patricia Nugent and Edward Zamble   HTML PDF
Moderating segregation as a means to reintegration by Cherami Wichmann and Mark Nafekh   HTML
Increasing reintegration potential through inmate security reclassification by Kelley Blanchette   HTML PDF
Using temporary absence in the gradual reintegration process by Sara Johnson and Brian Grant   HTML PDF
Enhancing case preparation for release decision-making by Don Tully   HTML PDF
Encouraging community release and appropriate supervision by Shelley Brown   HTML
Towards effective application of suspension discretion by Fred Luciani   HTML PDF
Managing offender risk through revocations by David Pisapio   HTML PDF
  Research in brief      
Offender reintegration monitoring tools by Kent Merlin, Paul Weaver and Michel Brosseau   HTML
New directions in effective correctional treatment by Barbara Armstrong and Guy Bourgon   HTML PDF
Group versus individual treatment of sex offenders: A comparison by Roberto Di Fazio, Jeffrey Abracen and Jan Looman   HTML PDF