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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Focusing on Alcohol and Drugs

September 2001, Volume 13, Number 3

Canada’s National Drug Strategy by Diane Zilkowsky   HTML PDF
The National Drug Strategy for the Correctional Service of Canada by Michel Roy   HTML PDF
Drugs in federal corrections The issues and challenges by Fraser McVie   HTML
Alcohol and drugs: A perspective from corrections in the Province of Saskatchewan by Don Head   HTML
Substance abuse The perspective of a National Parole Board member by Michael Crowley   HTML
United States federal prisons: Drug users, drug testing, and drug treatment by Bernadette Pelissier and Gerry Gaes   HTML
Alcohol and drugs: A perspective from New Zealand by Richard Morris   HTML
Drugs, alcohol, and criminal behaviour: A profile of inmates in Canadian federal institutions by Serge Brochu, Marie-Marthe Cousineau, Michaël Gillet, Louis-Georges Cournoyer, Kai Pernanen, and Larry Motiuk   HTML PDF
Profiling the drug offender population in Canadian federal corrections by Larry Motiuk and Ben Vuong   HTML PDF
The role and function of addictions research in the Correctional Service of Canada by Brian Grant   HTML
A dedicated facility designed for correctional researchers: The Addictions Research Centre by George Centen   HTML PDF
Correctional Service of Canada’s Core Substance Abuse Programs: OSAPP, A LTO, and Choices by Cathy Delnef   HTML PDF
Intensive support units for federal inmates: A descriptive review by David Varis   HTML PDF
High intensity substance abuse programming for offenders by John Eno, Carmen Long, Sylvie Blanchet, Ed Hansen, and Steve Dine   HTML
Programming for substance abusing women offenders by Lucy Hume   HTML
Impact of institutional methadone maintenance treatment on release outcome by Sara Johnson   HTML
Random Urinalysis Program: Policy, practice, and research by Patricia MacPherson   HTML
Programs for substance abusing offenders in Canada: A national survey by Ralph Serin and Colette Cousineau   HTML