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FORUM on Corrections Research

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FORUM Health care

May 2002, Volume 14 , Number 2

Using health indicators (physical, dental, nutritional) at offender intake to identify needs by Larry Motiuk   HTML PDF
Mental health trends among federal inmates by Roger Boe and Ben Vuong   HTML PDF
Rates of prescribed medication use by women in prison by Neima Langner, Joanne Barton, Donna McDonagh, Christine Noël, and Françoise Bouchard
The physical and mental health of older offenders by Marlo Gal
Health issues for Aboriginal offenders by Amey Bell and Nicole Crutcher   HTML
Infectious diseases in Canadian federal penitentiaries by Prithwish De   HTML
Synthetic forms of THC in clinical treatment settings by Patricia MacPherson   HTML
Mental health needs of women offenders: Needs analysis for the development of the intensive Intervention Strategy by Donna McDonagh, Christine Noël, and Cherami Wichmann   HTML PDF
Correctional adaptation of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) for federally sentenced women by Donna McDonagh, Kelly Taylor, and Kelley Blanchette   HTML PDF
An examination of suicide attempts among inmates by Ralph C. Serin, Larry Motiuk, and Cherami Wichmann   HTML
Quality of life promotion: The foundation of offender rehabilitation? by DJ Williams and William B. Strean   HTML PDF
Alternative medicines in corrections: A survey by Ralph C. Serin and Cherami Wichmann   HTML PDF