Research at CSC

Did you know?

The State of the Criminal Justice System Report and Dashboard are based on the first performance monitoring framework for Canada’s criminal justice system. The Framework comprises broad expected outcomes, measured by selected national indicators.

Research at the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) helps make direct links between research findings and implications for our institutions, community sites and the public. CSC research helps offenders work towards successful reintegration and assists staff in identifying effective strategies to work safely and efficiently. Check out our Research Spotlight for new research that will be highlighted throughout the year.

CSC's broad research portfolio includes projects in areas like:

  • Offender population profiles
  • Mental health issues – screening, population profiles and treatment
  • Women and Aboriginal offender needs
  • Institutional and community operations and security

We use quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches, including data analysis and interviews with staff and offenders. Our studies can involve a quick, data-driven profile or can consist of a multi-year and multi-phase research study. Our research often involves CSC staff from national and regional headquarters, community sites and institutions. Results of our research are shared with CSC employees, other government departments, provincial/territorial counterparts, partner organizations, universities and academic journals, and the general public.

If you would like to receive notification of new research publications being released, or to learn more about research collaborations, partnerships or support, please contact us at or (613) 995-3975.