Restorative Justice Week

Restorative Justice Week 2021 - Inspiring Innovation

Restorative Justice Week is recognized every year during the third week of November to acknowledge the impacts and achievements of the RJ approach and its application in Canada.

RJ Week is an opportunity to explore how RJ can deal with harm in different situations: families, neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces, etc. It allows us to think about how RJ values and principles can be applied to every day challenges.

National RJ Symposium

Each year, a different community organization, with the help of a planning committee, organizes and hosts the National Restorative Justice Symposium (NRJS). This event is where representatives from community organizations, policy-makers, restorative justice practitioners, and many others gather to share innovative approaches to promote the use of restorative justice to address crime and conflict.

This year will be the second virtual edition of the NRJS as we all continue to stay safe. For more up-to-date information on this virtual event:

Engage your community

  • Create a community challenge and communicate it through social media, posters, local newspapers and radio stations, or your community's website.
  • Host a community or virtual event, forum or dialogue series; inviting community members as guests to engage in RJ discussions with your organization and partners.
  • Invite politicians, Indigenous and spiritual leaders, chief of police and other community leaders to speak about how restorative justice strengthens the community.
  • Encourage your city council to proclaim RJ Week.

Included below are general resources meant to inspire and assist those who plan to promote and celebrate RJ Week. #RJWeek. Please select the corresponding links for printable versions.


The bilingual RJ Week poster is yours to advertise the week within your community. The poster includes blank/modifiable fields where you can add information about a sub-theme or a particular event.

Letterhead / web header graphic

Feel free to use the RJ Week Letterhead or Web Header Graphic in any correspondence, web pages, marketing, etc.

Basic resource kit

The basic resource kit includes general information on RJ, the annual National Restorative Justice Symposium, recent news and developments in the RJ field, and a list of books, articles, videos, and online resources. Contact us for an electronic copy: