The 2011 National Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award Recipient

Dave Hill

Dave Hill

Throughout the years, Mr. Dave Hill has been an integral champion and a tireless advocate for the advancement of Restorative Justice in Alberta. Over his career, he has shown compassion for both victims and offenders, a willingness to try something new, and the courage to be creative in exploring meaningful and lasting advancements in the restorative justice domain.

As a crown prosecutor with Alberta Justice, he has been a progressive, forward-thinking and risk-taking restorative justice advocate. He has continuously acted beyond the traditional role and responsibility of his position.

He has been described as an outstanding leader who through commitment, passion, talent and hard work has worked to promote and develop a real change in restorative justice.

Mr. Hill’s commitment to restorative justice goes back to 1999, when restorative justice was a new concept - in Edmonton and across Canada. At the end of a dangerous driving causing death trial, where the accused was acquitted, he saw an opportunity to repair the harm that was caused among the people affected. This coming together between strangers assisted both parties in moving forward with their lives, in a healthy and productive manner.

His long list of major achievements and awards include:

  • the 2010 Edmonton Restorative Justice Award for Outstanding Leadership,
  • the 2008 Men of Honour Award from the Prostitution Awareness and Action Foundation of Edmonton, and
  • the Alberta Justice 2006 Individual Award of Excellence.

There is no clearer demonstration of his outstanding leadership than the extensive list of organizations that exist in Edmonton because of his commitment and passion to restorative justice. Many of these are court diversion programs for those with mental health or substance abuse issues, and others are focused on youth at risk.

For more than 15 years, Mr. Hill has reached out at the grass roots levels to bring restorative justice concepts to his community. He has demonstrated an active involvement in creating, developing and supporting restorative justice principles. Through his involvement with community organizations, he has not only shown dedication to the values and principles of restorative justice but has transferred his understanding and commitment to others. He is a true leader and capacity builder for restorative justice and many feel very fortunate to have him involved with their work.

Colleagues appreciate his wisdom, compassion and sense of humour, while his down-to-earth approach and his ability to see the person - rather than the criminal - allow him to easily connect with and relate to people from all walks of life.

He is also known for his generous nature and has acted as a mentor to numerous crown prosecutors and University of Alberta criminology students.