The 2013 National Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award Recipient

Gillian Lindquist

Gillian Lindquist

Gillian Lindquist reflects a new generation of young, dedicated and talented leaders in the field of restorative justice in Canada. Her hard work and perseverance has helped advance the use of restorative justice approaches within the workplace, academic institutions, and the criminal justice system.

After studying Conflict Management and Restorative Justice, Gillian took on the position of Program Coordinator at Restorative Justice Victoria (RJV). The organisation has truly flourished under her leadership. Her belief in restorative justice and her capacity for relationship building have enabled RJV to develop and foster partnerships with many agencies, including the Attorney General’s office, local Universities, and the Victoria Police. These efforts have led to RJV receiving an increasing number of referrals from an increasing number of sources to address a variety of harms.

In 2010, having recognized that restorative justice processes tend to be reactive rather than proactive, Gillian also created and implemented two successful restorative prevention programs. In 2012, she further demonstrated ingenuity by developing a mixed-method model for restorative justice dialogue based on her knowledge and experience in mediation, peacemaking circles and community justice conferencing. Furthermore, Gillian actively promotes the evaluation of restorative justice programs. Not only has she implemented an extensive evaluation process for RJV but she has made that process available to others at no cost.

Gillian has also shown a passion for teaching restorative justice. She trains University staff and students in restorative practices; she designed and instructs a 16-week online course for British-Columbia police officers; and she is part of a training team that teaches restorative justice to program volunteers and staff throughout the province.

Gillian has accomplished so much in relatively few years and has already received a number of accolades. In 2012, Gillian received a letter of commendation in recognition of her excellence in Gladue report writing, and in 2013 Gillian was a finalist in the Top 20 Under 40 for Vancouver Island in recognition of her restorative justice work.

Gillian’s integrity is astounding and ever present. She is an outstanding practitioner and human being who inspires fellow practitioners to be their best selves, who shows compassion and wisdom in her work, and who lives restorative justice principles in her own life.

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