The 2014 National Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award Recipient

Larry Moore

Larry Moore

Since 2001, Larry Moore's name has been widely associated with his work with Heartspeak Productions. Most people who are first exposed to restorative justice (RJ) are introduced to the field by viewing one of Mr. Moore's videos. These videos are as useful for seasoned practitioners as they are for students and newcomers to the field. Making educational video media accessible online to Canadians and internationally has impacted the RJ field tremendously. Because of Larry and Heartspeak Productions, information and stories about RJ have reached farther than ever before. These resources continue to shape RJ in institutions, communities, and academic settings.

Larry's interest and passion for RJ first began when he and his employer were victims of a property crime in 1996. He recognized the need to establish better restorative processes and approaches within Canada's criminal justice system. He wanted to find a way he could participate to resolve the issues rather than simply punishing the accused. He felt that a judicial response alone was missing important learning opportunities and that a community response would better meet people's needs. Larry was able to convince the Constable in charge of the case to try a community group conference. In the wake of its success, Larry co-founded the Kaslo Restorative Justice Committee in 1996 and continues to train others in the conferencing approach.

For 18 years, Larry has been a force in the RJ field as an advocate, educator, practitioner, and film maker. His approach is filled with generosity, sensitivity and understanding. His work and interaction with others exudes RJ principles and values. Larry's impacts in the RJ field are felt by the many audiences who view his videos, the students and practitioners he trains, the offenders who have participated in the Alternatives to Violence Project, the FAVOR Group, the Inmate Employment Project and the communities impacted by crimes. In addition to Larry modeling RJ values in his daily life, his films mirror the core values of collaboration, equality, respect, and care. His passion and dedication have, and will continue, to impact the lives of many for years to come.

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