The 2016 National Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award Recipient

Alan Edwards

Alan Edwards

Alan has been a restorative justice facilitator for more than 15 years. First, Alan was a facilitator in community-based restorative justice programs in Edmonton, Alberta where he worked on cases involving domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and assault. Alan is currently a facilitator for the Correctional Service of Canada’s Restorative Opportunities Program where he has worked on over 250 cases involving serious violent crime.

Alan also serves as a case consultant to facilitators working through particularly difficult cases. Through his training and counsel, Alan has been of vital support to many restorative justice practitioners throughout Canada. He has the unique ability to challenge people, while at the same time building their confidence and inspiring them to reach for the best possible approach. He has co-authored numerous academic papers on restorative justice and violence, clarifying the risks associated with restorative justice practice and offering guidance on how to make it safer for all involved. In 2010, Alan received, with his colleague Jennifer Haslett, the Edmonton Restorative Justice Award for Outstanding Leadership.

Alan has also designed and delivered numerous workshops and training to restorative justice practitioners, both in Canada and the United States. His training encourages other practitioners to deepen their understanding of restorative justice theory, exposing participants to topics that often get overlooked in the field – including the nature and roots of violence, inviting and supporting responsibility from offenders, and nuanced explorations of shame.

Alan is an academic, trainer and mentor who has earned the unwavering respect of many of the country’s most experienced restorative justice practitioners. Alan’s commitment to ethical, research based and effective restorative justice practice is unwavering. He cares deeply and does what he can to ensure restorative justice participants across Canada are getting the best possible standard of service.

Distinguished 2016 Award Nominees

Alan Edwards
Restorative Opportunities Program, Correctional Service of Canada

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Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association

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Lanark County Community Justice Program