Speakers Binder

Section 8
Speaking Guidelines and Resources - Useful Resources

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Several CSC staff are actively involved in outreach activities with their communities. This section highlights a list of resources that can help with research and preparation.

1. The Speakers Tool Kit

  1. Speakers Bureau brochure
  2. Speakers Bureau DVD/VHS
  3. Speakers Binder

The above tools are available to all registered speakers and have been developed specifically for the Speakers Bureau.

For more information on these tools, please visit the Speakers Bureau Web site’s “Speakers Tools” page. You may order these resources at any time by contacting the Speakers Bureau directly at

2. CSC Publications

Numerous CSC publications are available from the Publications section of the CSC Web site.

These publications can be very useful when preparing for an event or for distribution to your audience. You may print publications from the CSC Web site or you may contact CSC Publications Unit for copies of some print publications.

For a complete list of publications available, please contact the CSC Publications Unit.

3. Corrections in Canada - An Interactive Timeline

This educational Web site, called Corrections in Canada, provides ample information on the history of corrections in Canada, maintains an on-line photo gallery and allows you to test your knowledge with an interactive quiz.

4. CSC Quick Facts

Quick Facts are one page publications available in print and on-line. They cover a variety of topics and may be useful as handouts at your presentations or for research purposes. Currently they are available on the following topics:

5. Public Safety Canada Library

If you require detailed research for your presentation, you may wish to visit the PS Library. A complete catalogue is available on-line.

6. Statistics

Statistics on correctional services can be found on the Statistics Canada Web site.

7. Educational Resources

Three educational programs are available on the educational resources portal: history, law and social studies which are consistent with the Canadian curriculum for Grades 10 to 12 (Secondaire 3 to 5 in Québec).

8. Tailored products for your presentation

If you require tailored products for your presentation, such as a PowerPoint presentation, a fact sheet, etc, please contact the Speakers Bureau.

Should you require any help finding additional resources, please feel free to contact the Speakers Bureau. We may be able to help you with your search.