Report of the Task Force on Security


The Task Force mandate is:

"To develop a state of the art security framework that optimizes staff/offender interaction while promoting safe reintegration."

The Task Force Members were:

  • Jack Linklater - Special Advisor to the DC Prairies; Co-Chair of the Task Force
  • Helgi Eyjolfsson - Director General Security, NHQ; Co-Chair of the Task Force
  • Michel Gilbert - Director, Community Operations, Quebec Area Parole Office
  • Thérèse Leblanc - Warden, Kingston Prison for Women
  • Gina Wilson - Director General, Aboriginal Issues, NHQ
  • Bob Gillies - Consultant
  • Fraser McVie - Director General, Strategic Planning and Policy
  • Marena McLaughlin - Warden, Westmorland Institution
  • Bruce Anderson - RA Security - Pacific Region
  • Kimberly Vink - Security Analyst, NHQ
  • Ray Labelle - Project Analyst, NHQ

To fulfill its mandate eight working groups were established, each of which was chaired by a Task Force Member:

  • Review of Incidents - Chairperson Kim Vink, Security Analyst.
  • Minimum Security - Chairperson Thérèse LeBlanc, Warden, Kingston Prison for Women.
  • Staff Selection & Training - Chairperson Bruce Anderson, RA Security, Pacific Region.
  • Management of Information - Chairperson Marena Mclaughlin, Warden, Westmoreland.
  • Culture - Chairpersons Gina Wilson, Director General, Aboriginal Issues, and Bob Gillies, Consultant
  • Security, Policy and Procedures - Chairperson Fraser McVie, DG Policy & Planning.
  • Safe, Secure Environment - Chairperson, Michel Gilbert, Director, Community Operations, Quebec Area Parole Office.
  • Population Management - Chairperson Thérèse Leblanc, Warden, Kingston Prison for Woman.

Members of the working groups were selected by the individual chairpersons and represented a broad cross section of staff members from across the Correctional Service of Canada. The groups worked independently of one another meeting in various parts of the country. Some of the reports of the groups are included in the appendixes to this report. Each paper was reviewed by the Task Force and those ideas and recommendations that were consistent with our own vision for the future have been integrated into the main body of the Task Force report.

The Task Force also undertook to engage itself in a process of accreditation. By so doing the Task Force wished to ensure that its vision for the future was both credible and achievable. The accreditation panel consisted of:

  • Peter Glynn - CEO, Kingston General Hospital
  • Pierre Allard -Assistant Commissioner, Correctional Operations and Programs, NHQ
  • Don Head - Executive Director of Corrections, Province of Saskatchewan
  • Trevor Williams - Governor, Whitemoor, Her Majesty's Prison Service, England
  • Rob Kellett - Security Department, Her Majesty's Prison Service, England
  • Steve Neville - KPMG Investigations and Security
  • Denyse Plante - DG Staff Development and Training, NHQ
  • Larry Motiuk - DG Research Branch, NHQ
  • George Centen - Manager, Facility Research and Standards

This panel of experts met with us initially to hear about our work and to share with us from their own knowledge and experience. As the work of the Task Force was brought to conclusion, our expert panel met with us again to review with us our findings and to offer once again valuable feedback on the direction we have proposed for the future of Corrections in Canada.