Report of the Task Force on Security


The Task Force wishes to extend its deep gratitude to the following people for giving so freely of their time and creative energy in assisting the Task Force with its work:

  • Ole Ingstrup - Commissioner, Correctional Service of Canada
  • Union of Solicitor General Employees
  • Phil Banks - KPMG Investigations and Security Inc.
  • John Jones - Professor, Sir Sandford Fleming College
  • Greg Graceffo - ADM Corrections, Province of Manitoba
  • Trevor Williams - Governor, Whitemoor Prison, United Kingdom
  • Rob Kellett - Security Branch, HMPS, England
  • Peter Glynn - CEO, Kingston General Hospital
  • Guy Lemire - Professor, École de Criminologie, Université de Montréal
  • Vern Neufeld Redekopp - President, Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution
  • Lee Redpath - Project Manager, NHQ
  • Vladimir Kozicki - Senior Project Manager, NHQ
  • Mike Jonckheere - A/DG Technical Services, NHQ
  • Pierre St. Onge - Project Officer, Community Operations, NHQ
  • Julie Keravel - Manager, Drug Interdiction and Contraband Control, NHQ
  • Roger Boe - Senior Statistician, Research Branch, NHQ
  • Diane Zilkowsky - A/Portfolio Manager, NHQ
  • Lynn Cuddington - A/Director, Policy, NHQ
  • Dr. Kevin Wright - Professor, State University of New York
  • Reetu Khosla, Consultant, KPMG Corporate Intelligence

The contributions made by our friends and colleagues assisted us greatly in formulating our positions on a wide variety of issues.

"One solution cannot be found in a country as large as Canada."

- Peter Glynn