Report of the Task Force on Security


The scope of this report is broad, covering a wide array of issues and topics that impact on the security of our organization. Some of the recommendations require further study and analysis. However, we hold the view that each of the four components of this security framework, Safety, Respect, Leadership, and Learning, represent the keys to our success as a Correctional Service in the future. We believe that we must diligently and systematically pursue the directions set forth herein. To this end, we make the following recommendation:

  • Recommendation:That a committee, co-chaired by the DG Security, DG Strategic Planning and Policy and composed of senior level officials at least one of which is a member of the Task Force on Security be struck to manage the implementation of the recommendations in this report.

We respectfully suggest that such a committee is necessary to ensure that CSC maintains an ongoing commitment to the Security Framework presented here.