Report of the Task Force on Security


We have argued strenuously for a security framework that goes beyond traditional approaches to security. There is little that happens in CSC that does not in some way impact on personal safety. The framework that we have presented - safety, respect, leadership and learning - is intended to encompass those primary elements that will contribute most to a correctional system that is professional, humane and restorative in all respects.

  • We have spoken about the culture within the Correctional Service of Canada, and how important it is that it changes in ways that support the Mission. We wish to emphasize that in the future we wish to have:
    • a culture of respect
    • a culture of accountability
    • a culture of compliance
    • a culture of continuous learning
    • a culture of empowerment
    • a culture of openness

"CSC needs to be passionately committed  to its Mission."

- Monty Bourke

Core Value 3 states in part that "...human relationships are the cornerstone of our endeavour". We have concluded that human relationships are the cornerstone of security in a correctional environment. As a Service we have enjoyed much success in building and strengthening these relationships. Our hope is that we will continue to acknowledge the place that the human spirit holds in binding us together as we strive to continue building the best Correctional Service in the world.