Victim representatives

A victim representative is a person chosen by a victim to receive information about the offender on their behalf.

Representatives can be: Friends, family members, faith group representatives, an Elder, lawyer, member of a police force, a community victim services organization, or an agent from another level of government, etc.

Why work with a representative?

Steps to naming someone as your representative:

  1. Ask the person if they will take on this role for you.
  2. Let us or the Parole Board of Canada know by phone, mail, email, or directly through the Victims Portal. We will work with you on the details!
  3. Once you have shared their contact information with us, we will follow up to confirm their participation and contact preferences.
  4. Once your representative is confirmed, we and/or the Parole Board of Canada will contact them directly to provide offender information.
  5. You can stop using a representative or name a new representative at anytime by letting us know.

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