Victim Registration

Did you know?

You can provide information about an offender to CSC anonymously by calling 1-866-780-3784 any time of the day or night.

CSC’s National Victim Services Program can provide victims of federal offenders with certain information about the offender who harmed them.

Victims Need to Request Information from CSC

CSC does not automatically inform victims about the offender who harmed them. Information is only provided if a victim asks for it.

To receive information about an offender, a victim must complete and sign an Application to Receive Information as a Victim form  or request to register through the Victims Portal. Learn more about the Victims Portal.

The completed form can be sent to CSC or the Parole Board of Canada. Victims can receive the information directly from CSC or authorize someone else (in writing) to act as their representative.

You only need to register once with either organization to receive information that both can provide.

Victim Services Officers across Canada can assist with the application process.  To speak to a Victim Services Officer, please contact us toll-free at 1-866-806-2275 or by email. We will be happy to assist you.

Benefits of Registration

Victims find many benefits by registering to receive information about the offender.  They can:

  • apply for funds to attend Parole Board of Canada hearings.
  • verify information that they get from the offender (if they are in contact with him or her).
  • get “the other side” of what is happening with the correctional plan and release protocol.
  • address the needs and the rights of child victims by registering as an agent to receive information on behalf of the child.