Commissioner's Thank you

On behalf of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), I would like to thank the volunteers that work with us for their selfless contributions to public safety.

Thousands of Canadians volunteer their time, energy and passion to helping offenders become law-abiding citizens. They provide a bridge for offenders to safely transition from incarceration to the community.

These volunteers improve the lives of offenders, their families, and Canadian communities. Their dedication is not only admirable, but essential to our ability to meet our mandate.

Our volunteers help in a variety of important ways by bringing the community into the correctional environment. In our institutions, they assist in programs like recreational activities, classroom and workshop instruction, social events and spiritual and cultural activities. In the community, they support the families of incarcerated offenders and help released offenders re-adjust to life as law-abiding citizens. Thanks to their work, offenders are better able and more willing to function effectively in the community.

Volunteers build partnerships with the communities we serve, and help us to make our institutions and communities safer places for everyone.

Thank you CSC volunteers, for your hard work and dedication and for the outstanding contributions you make every day.

Anne Kelly