The Taylor Award

The Taylor Award was established in November 2001 - the International Year of Volunteers. It is presented annually by CSC and the National Volunteer Association during an official award ceremony to an outstanding CSC volunteer who has shown exceptional dedication to the Service.

The award is named after Dr. Charles and Charlotte Taylor, of Wolfville, Nova Scotia for their lifetime dedication to faith-based counseling with offenders in correctional facilities and in the community, and for Dr. Taylor's contribution to the development of prison ministry education.

2019 Taylor Award Recipient

Darryl McCullough (Ontario Region)

Darryl McCullough (Ontario Region)

For 22 years, Darryl McCullough of Gravenhurst, Ontario, has volunteered in a wide array of services to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of CSC offenders in the community.

As a trained citizen escort, he has regularly escorted offenders on temporary absences into the community, an initial step in an inmate's reintegration plan. He has consistently facilitated faith-based programs, including Authentic Man and Principles of Restorative Justice, as well as provided one-on-one spiritual counselling and mentorship. Darryl took the lead role in developing and maintaining a work release volunteer driver schedule, and actively recruited members of the community to participate as drivers for this daily program. He also continually promoted this program with the leaders of various local companies, encouraging them to consider hiring inmates.

Darryl's contribution to Beaver Creek Institution's (BCI) work release program has played a significant role in contributing to solutions for challenges within the community. For example, BCI is located in a remote area surrounded by small towns and villages. Given that the population is also much smaller than an urban centre, many companies have difficulty hiring or maintaining employees. Through his ongoing recruitment of drivers and promotion of the program, BCI has seen an increase both in the number of companies partnering with the institution, as well as the number of inmates who have successfully completed these releases.

Darryl is greatly respected by staff and inmates, and is someone who leads by example. He has been instrumental in his efforts to enhance the value of volunteering in CSC, and to adapt and enhance programming opportunities according to the needs of inmates. Darryl is an exemplary volunteer deserving the honour of being awarded the 2019 Taylor Award.

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