The Taylor Award

The Taylor Award was established in November 2001 - the International Year of Volunteers. It is presented annually by CSC and the National Volunteer Association during an official award ceremony to an outstanding CSC volunteer who has shown exceptional dedication to the Service.

The award is named after Dr. Charles Taylor and his wife, Charlotte, of Wolfville, Nova Scotia for their lifetime dedication to faith-based counseling with offenders in correctional facilities and in the community, and for Dr. Taylor's contribution to the development of prison ministry education.

2018 Taylor Award Recipient

Alicia Mora (Ontario Region)

Alicia Mora - Ontario Region

Ms. Mora has been a fantastic community volunteer in the Greater Ontario-Nunavut District for the past three years, giving of her time inside three local institutions (Millhaven, Joyceville and Collins Bay), while attending Queen's University. She is a founding member and President of the Queen's Correctional Services Volunteers (QCSV) and manages a group of 24 QCSVs. Notably, Ms. Mora is also a member of Queen's Alma Mater Society, and actively promotes CSC's Mission at public events.

Alicia, in a very short period of time has had an enormous impact on enhancing the lives of offenders, staff and volunteers alike. Whether it be through coaching volunteers, establishing bi-weekly art classes, resume writing workshops, and supporting offenders with literacy issues and those who are high risk/high needs. Alicia can also be found providing accompaniment to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or assisting offenders with employment searches. She has also inspired creative initiatives for offenders such as taking part in building wooden toys and stuffing Christmas stockings for local children's shelters. Her commitment and dedication has had a tremendously positive impact on helping offenders, both in our institutions and in the community.

Steve Kuepfer (Prairie Region) Honourable Mention

For the past 20 years, at least once a month, Mr. Kuepfer has made the two and a half hour journey from the community of Kenora, Ontario to Stony Mountain Institution, just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Steve is known for the special connection he makes with offenders through sports, in particular, organized hockey and baseball games. He has nurtured a sense of belonging, respect, admiration, and pride amongst both offenders and CSC staff. Steve has provided an invaluable opportunity for offenders to communicate about issues they are struggling with in a prosocial environment.

2018 Taylor Award Nominees

Harold Francis (Pacific Region)

Steve Kuepfer (Prairie Region)

Terry Harris (Ontario Region)

Don Hishon (Ontario Region)

Erin Murphy (Ontario Region)

Micheline Deschênes (Quebec Region)

Clarence DeSchiffart (Atlantic Region)

Previous Taylor Award recipients

2017: Rachel Cabana

Rachel Cabana - Quebec Region nominee

2016: Captain Edward Dean

Prairie Region nominee - Captain Edward Dean

2015: Alex W. Bouchard

Alex W. Bouchard - Prairie Region 2015 Taylor Award Nominee

2014: Carol Finlay

Carol Finlay - Ontario Region 2014 Taylor Award Nominee

2013: Dr. Calvin Chambers and Mrs. Alice Chambers

Pacific Region 2013 Taylor Award nominees, Dr. Calvin Chambers and Mrs. Alice Chambers

2012: Eleanor Wilson

Ontario Region's 2012 Taylor Award nominee, Eleanor Wilson