An overview of women’s corrections

Women offenders comprise approximately 5% of the total population of federal offenders in Canada. Slightly more than half of these women are under community supervision.

In recent years, the women offender population has increased, particularly:

  • Indigenous women
  • women with mental health issues
  • women affiliated with gangs
  • women who are serving shorter sentences

Statistics and research on women offenders provides information about women’s institutions, offender profile, correctional programs and more.

The principles that govern women’s corrections

The following principles govern programs, interventions and services for women offenders:

  • empower women offenders
  • nurture meaningful and responsible choices
  • foster respect and dignity
  • create a supportive environment
  • promote shared responsibility

Creating Choices: The Report of the Task Force on Federally Sentenced Women - Learn more about the principles that govern corrections for women offenders.

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