You and CSC

The Correctional Service of Canada works closely with many community members who play active roles in the Federal correctional system through an integrated and strategic approach to engagement. From our dedicated volunteers to the Citizen Advisory Committees, there are various programs in place that strengthen CSC's ties to the community.

In every neighbourhood where an institution is located, the CSC becomes part of that community and feels a strong sense of responsibility to get involved in a positive way. Whether supporting victims of crime or helping families of offenders visit their loved ones, CSC works to stay in touch with the community's perspective.

Working at CSC

CSC offers a wide variety of jobs and professions. In addition to correctional and parole officers, we also employ nurses, psychologists, trades people, human resources advisors, financial advisors and more!

Citizen Advisory Committees

Citizen Advisory Committees (CACs) offer a community connection to the federal correctional system. They meet with CSC staff, offenders, community groups and citizens to advise on ways to improve CSC's facilities and programs. They also help people learn more about criminal justice and CSC's work.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) helps meet the needs of people faced with crime and conflict in an inclusive and meaningful way. RJ practices provide voluntary opportunities for those who have been harmed and those who have caused harm to be active participants in their journey for justice, accountability, and reparation.


Thousands of volunteers from all walks of life are an integral part of many offenders' lives, whether the offender is in a federal institution or on parole. By bringing the community into the correctional environment, volunteers help offenders function more effectively upon release into the community.

Families of Offenders

Developing and maintaining family and community ties throughout an offender's sentence is a vital step in ensuring an offender's successful reintegration back into the community. CSC offers services, such as private family visiting, which help offenders keep in touch with their loved ones.


The National Victim Services Program seeks to provide victims of federal offenders with timely information about the offender who harmed them. CSC's Victim Services Officers are responsible for registering victims, providing victim notification, receiving victim statements, providing referrals and answering questions about CSC.

Independent Chairpersons appointments

From coast to coast, there are opportunities for highly qualified people to make a difference in federal corrections by contributing to the inmate disciplinary process.