The Closing of the Prison
for Women in Kingston
July 6, 2000

List of Prison for Women Directors, 1934-2000

Period Director Name Position
1934-1944 Ms. Edith A. Robinson Supervising Matron
1944-1950 Miss Amelia May Gibson Supervising Matron
1950-1960 Miss Lorraine L. Burke Supervising Matron
1960-1966 Miss Isabel J. McNeill Superintendent
1966-1970 Mr. Donald Clarke Warden
1970-1972 Mr. C.A.M. Edwards Warden
1972-1980 Mr. Doug Chinnery Warden
1980-1987 Mr. George Caron Warden
1987-1994 Ms. Mary Cassidy Warden
1994-2000 Ms. Thérèse LeBlanc Warden